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Basically running in circles like a control-line airplane until she damn well poops.

Ellie and Grommet.

We just love the flows and textures of her fur.

Detailed texture study closeup.

Detailed snoot study closeup.

Helping fold the laundry. No wait, the opposite of that...

"I helped make the bed!"


Very dignified-looking, no?

Comfy, warming her head on Mommy's butt.

Speaking of her head, it's very HARD! She head-butted me while playing and raised a cartoon lump.

Surprisingly, she didn't get her tooth stuck.

Trapped in Mommy's room with her! Oh no!

How much more relaxed can ya get?

I chose the RED toys for this afternoon's chew.

"Helping" make the bed again.

This gets tucked here, right?

All done, pat it down.

She knows she's cute.

The noble Sphinx.

Ellie's day bed, which used to be the porch bench cushions.

Waiting for snacks.


No walkies, it's starting to snow.

Trying to find her toy under her rolls of loose skin.

I love my mom...


Making sure Mommy doesn't get away.

Her spot, her piloow.

Detail study of hair patterns.

Wait, is that another...


Hangin' out on the front porch.

Oh boy, this is fun.




Oh yeah, right there.

Her standard finish pose after a good roll on the rug.

Is that a squ...


Scanning the back yard for squirrels.

Spotted one!

Living room lounging.

A little to the left... yeah, that's good.

Blustery fall walkies.

We have hills.

Quality time.

I love my mommy.

There's Halloween stuff in my window :(

The girls watchin' Magnolia Network.

Shameless and boneless.


I open the bathroom door and find her guarding me.


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