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"Stop tickling that keyboard and start tickling my tummy!"

Mommy went out to get the mail and left me alone. What if she never comes back??

It only snowed a tiny bit in February, but ya still gotta take care of business.

Snow walkies.

We got a new couch to match the dog!

Everybody's comfy. It's extra long so Ellie has enough room.

I fit too now!


The only time her ears go up.

Are you still on the computer? Tummy rubs! Now!


Mommy's out getting the mail again...

... it's sooo depressing being stuck in here.

A beautiful day on the front porch!

Scanning the neighborhood for squirrels.

Mary's sister Annie visited. Ellie wasn't sure about her.

Still not so sure.

"Well, okay, I'll pose with her."

She's probably okay, then.

The traditional sisters visit shot, which the dog must photobomb.

Neighbor Janet likes to come over and chat when we're on the porch, and Ellie likes it when she does.

Target acquired!

Puppy selfie.

All these toys and she can't decide!

A target-rich environment!

The back porch is comfy too.


"Put the damn camera down and throw the ball - if you can get it away from me!"

Damn! They spotted me!

She really hates it when I do this.

But she loves it when Mary does this.

"Woof! Let me at 'em!"

"Mommy keeps leaving to get the mail. She ain't moving again, dammit!"

"Don't you dare take a pic - "

Uh oh, she spotted me.

Puppy dog eyes - and nose.

Halloween decorations with ears.

Her Tinder picture.

Tummy rubs!

Tummy rubs, alternate angle.

It's probably more comfortable than it looks...

You're in my spot.

Posing for the Christmas card - "look at the camera."

"No, look at the camera, not me."

"Over there, Ellie! No, over..."

Well great, but now I look stupid.

Okay, good enough! Whew!

Ta daaa.

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