Family Photos

Who's Who in these photos:
My great-grandfather John Shields Payne and his wife Rosa Krech Payne.
Their three children - John Howard Payne, born in 1891, Maxwell in 1892, and Dorothy in 1898.
Howard is my paternal grandfather.
Also in the family pictures are Great-Grandpa's parents, James Smith Payne, Jr., and Annah Turk Shields Payne.

James Smith Payne, Sr., my Great- Great- GREAT Grandfather!

Don't know who the children are, though. Hey, that's a train behind him!

My great-grandfather is second from left. His mother is at the far left, his father far right. The rest are his siblings.

The same bunch as before. Great-Grandpa on the right, his mother and father at left. He was one of 11 children!!

Definitely family, but I can't identify them individually.

Lots of Paynes, I presume!

I suspect this is my Grandfather, John Howard Payne, but I can't confirm.

Closeup of previous shot. Flags seem to be hand made.

Rosa Krech Payne, with babies Maxwell, and John Howard Payne.

Max was born in 1892, so that dates this picture!

Rosa, Max, Howard, and a blurry dog.

Baby Dorothy, 1899-ish.

Aunt Dot was always a little unstable.

Max and Howard keeping Dot on her feet.

Dot, the hothouse flower.

A few years later, Dot still can't hold still.

There we go. And she's almost as tall as the boys as long as there's a rock around!

"Pop" (my grandfather, Howard) was a pitcher on a local league.

Nice form, eh? "W" is probably for the town of Wortendyke?

I have a feeling this one, and the previous one, were posed.

I got it!!

I remember playing with that mit when I was a kid.

Pictures of Great Grandpa Payne's house in Wortendyke, New Jersey.

From the Street.

In the snow.

The attached gazebo is glassed in for the winter.

Rosa and the kids on the front steps.

Dot contemplating the pond behind the house.

Beautiful landscaping!

More so in the snow.

So pretty, Grandpa had a postcard made of it.

On the back of the post card - 1 cent stamp, postmarked 1912!

Max and Howard in the back yard.

Fairly featureless field I'm assuming is part of the property.

Just as pretty inside.

Artificial fireplace?

Dining room beyond?

Payne family barn, Wortendyke.

I don't know what house this is, but...

The woman on the left is Rosa Krech Payne. Since the baby is alone, I'm guessing it's my Grandfather, the first-born.

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