Photos I Can't Indentify
Any of these folks could be relatives of mine, I just don't know!
If anyone out there recognises anyone, email me.

Nice to see sweaters never go out of style.

Unknown woman in a dress - wedding dress?.

She moved.

Unknown children.

A whole family I don't know!

I suspect this is Grandpa playing with double exposures. But I don't know!

Unknown girl in the woods with doggies.

Kids and a carriage. The boy with the bat looks pissed.

I don't know who she is, but I don't wanna get her mad!

I'm not sure either of these people were alive when this picture was taken!

Scarey forest children in funny clothes.

A picnic by the brook, or a hobo jungle?

Pictures of pictures of people I don't know.

Snowy back yard with noble doggy, location unknown.

Closeup of noble doggy, name unknown.

House with people, location unknown.

Closeup of the woman and baby at left in previous picture, unknown.

Closeup of the woman and child on the steps in previous picture, unknown.

Closeup of two blurry children at far right in previous picture, unknown.

Yet another inidentified house.

Closeup of the couple standing in the previous picture.

I've actually been told whose house this is, but I can't remember, dammit!.

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