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"Good Grief" - Charlie Brown and Snoopy, post-apocalypse.
1/6 Scale resin kit by Goodefella Resin
Sculpt by Chris Gabris, Head by Troy McDevitt, Casting by Angelo Valetta.

Budd Root's "Cavewoman"
1/6 Scale resin kit by Critical mass
Sculpt by Mike Petryszak, based on a drawing by Frank Cho

Conan the Barbarian
1/5 Scale Cold-Cast Porcelain from Needful Things

"The Slayer"
A 1/6 scale pressure-cast resin Conan diorama kit by Alternative Images, sculpt by Sam Greenwell.
I added some grass and railroad dirt to the base, and sculpted a new sword blade out of sheet plastic to replace the awkward-looking kit blade.

"NEXT!" - A Conan the Barbarian scene sculpted by Shawn Nagle.
1/8 Scale Resin.

"Death on the Black Coast" - A model version of the cover of Marvel Comics Conan #100, by John Buscema.
1/8 Scale Cold cast porcelain.

Maggie's Last Stand
Adrienne Barbeau as Maggie, in John Carpenter's Escape From New York
Resin Realities' 1/6 resin figure kit

Aerojet Moon Suit
A 1958 proposal for a moon exploration spacesuit
Modern Age Kits 1/16 scale resin

Can you not see, all around you, the Dragon's breath?
Jayco Hobbies' 1/6 resin kit of Nichole Williamson as Merlin, from the film Excalibur

"Lucky Star"
A 1/6 scale kit of Ripley From A L I E N, by Kobioshi Kits

The 1/8 Geometric kit of Ripley, as seen in A L I E N S, sculpted by Mike Hill.
with the Geometric resin accessory rifle grafted to the kit's arm

A L I E N S Xenomorph
The 1/8 Geometric kit of a Xenomorph Drone from A L I E N S.

The Outlaw Josey Wales
1/6 Scale Resin kit by Needful Things
I replaced the signs with basswood, and singed the poster around the edges.
I dremeled out a lot of undercuts to the clothing, and accurized the guns a bit.

"Stuck on You"
1/8 (?) Scale Resin kit from Menagrie Productions

1/8 Scale plastic kit by Monarch Models

Sinbad and the Nightmare Duel
1/12 Scale resin kit by Geometric Models
I replaced the flimsy resin base with a plank and half a kitchen tile. I added the brazier just to have something interesting on top of the column - it was a porcelain cup my wife had lying around, and it's filled with driveway gravel for charcoal.

Tarzan and Silverback
1/5 Scale Resin kit from Amazing Figure Modeler - 15" tall

The classic 60s Aurora kit from a 1975 release, with some missing parts replaced with resin copies from "Auroranut."

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