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1/8 Scale Plastic Model by Polar Lights.
Modified into his brown costume.

Marvel's Black Widow, as portrayed by Scarlett Johansen in Iron Man II.
1/8 Scale Plastic Model by Moebius.

Batgirl (Undressing)
A 1/6 Jimmy Flintstone resin kit.
Painted with Boyd pearlcoat enamels.

The Sensational She Hulk
1/6 Scale vinyl kit by Horizon
I hate purple and green together, so today she's wearing blue. Someday I may get bored enough to paint a 4 on her chest.

Jonny Quest
Hannah Barbera's young adventurer from the early 1960s, in resin from The Shape of Things

Dick Tracy
Polar Lights' faithful repop of the 1960s Aurora kit

Bunny-Wan Kenobi and Duck Maul!
By Fatman Productions.
I replaced both lightsabers with clear acrylic rod, painted with clear metallic enamels

Beany and Cecil!
Resin kit from Diceman Creations, about 7" tall

PEACE on the Beast
Resin kit of the cahracter from the film "Wizards" by Raven Hood, about 12" tall

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