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A L I E N S Xenomorph
The 1/8 Geometric kit of a Xenomorph Drone from A L I E N S.

The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms!
Geometric's Resin kit, Plus Kibri's HO-Scale Lighthouse, Plus some LEDs.

From "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad"
X-Plus 1/35 Scale Plastic Kit.

The Crow
Swede Designs' 1/6 scale resin of Brandon Lee from the film "The Crow"

The Lord of Darkness, from the Film "Legend"
Classic Plastic 1/6 Scale

The Fly!
Monarch Models' 1/8 plastic kit

The Bride of Frankenstein
1/8 Scale Moebius kit.
Moebius' plastic vignette, using their replacement resin heads.

Moebius Models' Frankenstein!
Moebius' monster kit, built straight out of the box.

Frankenstein's Monster
1/6 Scale Horizon kit.
I was working for Scarlet Street Magazine at the time I built this, so I equipped Franky appropriately with a T-shirt and convention button.

Monarch Models' great Aurora-inspired plastic kit of the British Godzilla.

The Grim Reaper
1/8 Scale Moebius kit.
I added a real working brass hourglass, and added our late pets' names to the stones.

The Invisible Man
Moebius Models' 1/8 plastic kit.
Real glass beakers substituted.
Paper carnation by Mary.

Polar Lights' King Kong
PL's 1/72 scale resin kit

Pegasus 1/8 Scale Vinyl Kit.
From the classic 1953 George Pal film "War of the Worlds."

Herman Munster
1/9 Scale Moebius kit.
I used some real glass flasks from a craft store instead of the kit flasks.

Grandpa Munster
1/9 Scale Moebius kit.

Grandpa and Herman Munster
1/9 Scale Moebius kits (above), sold separately, were designed to be displayed linked together.

Moebius Models' Mummy!
Moebius' new Universal monster kit, built straight out of the box.

Polar Light's repop of the Aurora kaiju kit

1/6 scale Vampirella resin kit. Digital sculpt by Bruno Gueredo; 3D resin print by Peter Leontescu.

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