Executive Shuttlecraft
USS Grand Alliance, Shuttle Number 1

The model is AMT's "Amtronic," a concept car kit that breaks apart into two smaller flying cars. I glued the two separate vehicles together permanently, sealed up all the retractable wheel wells and lift fans, and filled all the external vents and greeblies, and gave the craft as smooth a finish as I could manage.

The warp engine nacelles are a couple of highlighter markers I found at Staples, made by Staedler. They featured a tranparent body half that reminded me of the Enterprise-E's warp nacelles. I drained the ink and painted the ink cartridges metallic blue, and other internal parts silver. I thought they looked interesting showing thru the clear body. I cut open the extreme tips of the caps, and painted the internal part metallic red. It's a small concession to bussard collectors, but a shuttle with a range this short wouldn't even need them.

The engine mounting plyons are taken from the Ertl 1/2500 scale Enterprise-D from the triple-kit.

The instrument panels in the cockpit are scanned from the runabout panels printed in the DS9 Tech Manual, rearranged to fit the kit panels in CorelDRAW, and printed (like the rest of the decals) on an Alps 5000 printer. The attitude thruster decals are borrowed from JTGraphics' sheet for the Enterprise-D. The stripe on the belly with the ship's name is a direct tribute to Gerry Anderson's vehiles, which often had the same feature.

The landing gear is removeable, sliding into tubes embedded in the model. The feet fit into the holes vacated when the struts are removed, so I can show it in flying trim as well.

Yes, I didn't get the canopy to fit flush, dammit. To keep it open, a brass rod fits to the top end of the nosewheel strut, thru the hinge slot, and braces againt the overhead panel. I put the steering grips on the console because I still refuse to believe anyone can fly a small craft with only pushbuttons. You've GOT to have something to hang on to.

The airstairs are completely scratch built from Evergreen plastic stock. The carpet is an Epson inkjet printout. The brass carpet stay-rods are brass wire bent around the steps.

Pretty young Ensign Fujimi started out as the bathing suit model included in fujimi's 1/24 scale race car accessory figures. I build up her Starfleet dress uniform (variation) using ApoxySculpt 2-part putty. Her paint job doesn't really bear close inspection - I'm okay with 12" figure models, but I could barely see this chick's face to paint it.

I started this model a couple of years ago, reached a point of frustration, and stuck it on a shelf for a while. It took me over a year to come back to it, but I'm pretty happy with the final result.