Starbase 51, the main Starfleet base in the Pegasus Sector, is a mile-wide construct in orbit over Federation colony Pegasi V. It features hard docking facilities for six starships, and a hangar bay capable of landing dozens of shuttlecraft and scout ships.

Busier than usual as a task force assembles, "Pegasus Base" plays host to the starship Lexington, dreadnought Federation, detroyer Ares, the tug Copernicus, an antimatter tanker and a small passenger ship, while USS Columbus and Illusive approach.

The hospital ship USS Hope and frigate USS Coventry hover nearby, awaiting their turn to dock.

The station has opened one of its three reactor service hatches.

Each of the three satellite modules features crew rest and entertainment facilities, a large-windowed gallery with shops, and starship fueling and servicing capabilities. The central tower houses powerful sensors and, at the tip, a planetary-class defensive phaser emitter.

Central to the station is a huge bubble of armored glass, tinted against Pegasi's stellar glare, enclosing an 11.5 hectare recreational park with trees, lawns, ponds, walking paths, and a huge commemorative fountain.

Each of the giant tinted windows in the station's side covers its own smaller recreational facility.

USS Ptolemy departs on another leg of its cargo run as shuttles from USS Soryu (background) transfer personnel on another busy day at Pegasus Base.

Official Crew Patch

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