During the height of the war between the Dominion and the allied powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, Starfleet undertook a tremendous program of warship construction to attempt to meet the threat, and replace vessels lost in the Jem' Hadar's agressive campaigns. Many of the resulting starships were thrown together hastily using existing parts with minimal new construction. The ARMINIUS was just such a ship. Warp nacelles from depot spares were grafted crudely to the existing primary hull of a partially built prototype, via a jury-rigged engineering section.

In the dramatic image recorded above, The patrol cruiser USS SOCRATES narrowly misses ARMINIUS during the confused meleé at the battle for the Chin'Taka System, while other ships of the Arminus' class meet their fates in the background, and several Coontz-class destroyers clear the way for the Soctrates.

Right: In the final battle for the Cardassian homeworld, ARMINIUS helps a Klingon squadron return fire against the Dominion warship that has just destroyed an Excesior Class cruiser

The ARMINIUS and a sister ship take down a cardy capital ship with extreme prejudice.

Classed as a Light Corvette, the ship is small at only 255 meters. She is armed with four forward phaser emplacements, two aft, and two quantum torpedo tubes in the extreme nose.

She was named after the ancient tribal leader who led a vastly outnumbered force of Barbarians in a successful rout of the Roman Legions in Germany in 9AD.

Official Crew Patch

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