USS Claymore NCC-69426

USS Claymore is a Broadsword Class tactical cruiser, similar to early Nebula class ships in purpose and configuration, but with a built-up aft hull rather than a separate secondary hull. This results in a shorter overall height and a cleaner warp field profile. Taking a historical cue from the 23rd century Miranda class, it features a modular "mission wing" assembly spanning extended nacelle pylons, which can be swapped out for various equipment modules.

Here, Claymore undergoes combat trials with her tactical module, consisting of twin photon torpedo pods and a central sensor/deflector pod. The wing is also fitted with a type X phaser collimator covering the ship's aft aspect. She's firing a volley of photorps from all four forward tubes. Close on her heels, sister ship USS Flamberge keeps formation.

Rendevousing with the cargo ship USS Liparus in the middle of nowhere, Claymore takes on supplies and transfers personnel.

Visible under the bow is the ship's primary deflector, hidden behind a flush "radome." This unit becomes redundant when the more powerful deflector pod is fitted to the mission wing, but both may be used in tandem. Also visible is the "captain's yacht," a possibly pointless carry-over from this combat ship's Galaxy-class progenitor.

Harassed near the Romulan Neutral Zone by a lone scout ship whose pilot seemed to be feeling cocky, Captain Styles decided not to spare the rod. Two photorps are on their way from the aft tubes while a pulsed phaser beam softens up the Romulan's shields.

"Captain's log, Stardate 44286.8, Captain Benjamin Styles recording. Well, we thought it was an asteroid until it started shooting at us. Now we have to figure out what we just blew up. And I can't wait to find out who's going to get pissed about it."

Visible in this image are Claymore's two small craft hangars, the starboard being the larger, and her very powerful paired impulse engines, under which are her forward manuevering thrusters.

An artist's interpretation of a fateful moment during the famous Babel escort mission of 2367. When renegade Klingons in stolen stealth ships attacked USS Grand Alliance, Claymore kept them busy while Captain DaVega got her ship, and hundreds of Federation diplomats, to relative safety. While firing on one of the five cloaked, shielded ships, another has popped into view off her starboard bow and launched a nuclear missile.

Earlier in the Babel mission, a peaceful moment over Twonme while Grand Alliance receives her guest ambassadors, and the two crews take some time to visit each others' vessels.

Official Crew Patch

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