The Edmund Fitzgerald is a general supply freighter intended for operating within the boundaries of Federation space. Her large primary hull is partitioned into eight cargo holds with a large external loading door for each. Crew spaces are located atop the primary hull, with a few spartan passenger cabins. The ship's only armament are two defensive phaser turrets forward of the topside superstructure.

Left: Here "Fitz" rendezvous with the USS Concordance to transfer supplies and crew replacements.

The Edmund Fitzgerald is designed to carry a broad variety of general freight. She can supply colonies with stocks of dry goods, grain, perishables and fluids from her many holds.

Right: Here we see just such a mission, as the Fitz establishes synchronus orbit above a Federation colony world.

Underway to her next assignment, passing Io while boosting out of Jupiter orbit. The Fitz calls Jupiter Station home base.

There are two crew lounges with large panoramic windows. The forward lounge can be seen at the top of the T-shaped prow section. Most of the ship's internal volume, though, is for cargo, as evidenced by a dearth of windows. The ship's huge cargo transporter emitter dome can be seen here aft of the deflector.

The ship is named in honor of a freighter that was lost with all hands in a terrible storm on North America's Great Lakes on November 10, 1975

Official Crew Patch

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