HOPE is one of Starfleet's many varieties of hospital ships rushed into service during the Four Years War. Not the sleekest starship in the fleet, she was built from modular parts to serve a specific need in a difficult time. A large primary hull, needed to house a complete hospital's medical staff in addition to a starship's crew, is mated to a secondary hull that is essentially a Mark IV personnel carrier (normally hauled by a Starfleet tug), which is converted to house wards and surgeries. Onto the simple cylindrical hull are attached the three large warp nacelles needed to drive the huge vessel.

HOPE has been saving lives across the Federation for decades. She has eased suffering from the Klingon Neutral Zone to Zeta Bootis and back again.

In the above image, the Hope arrives at Corridan where, in the the battle to break the Orion blockade following Corridan's admission to the Federation, the destroyer USS Shaitan was crippled and holed.

When operating near hostile space, the ponderous hospital ship always has an escort of some kind to keep her safe. In the image at right, the dreadnought USS Dominion has joined HOPE to protect her on a mercy mission near Kzinti territory, the Dominion's regular patrol area.

Hovering over a colony world on which a strange plague has broken out, Hope's medical shuttles descend to act as mobile isolation wards, and to evac the worst-afflicted to the ship's facilities.

Official Crew Patch

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