The battleship Coeur De Lion is one of the largest and most heavily armed vessels ever to be built in the class one starship program. This four-nacelled behemoth is armed with over-and-under roll-bar weapons pods, each unit equipped with two forward, and two aft-firing photon torpedo launchers, and an equal arrangement of pulse phaser cannon. An additional pair of pulse phasers are mounted firing aft from between the nacelle struts. The vessel's total armament is eight torpedo tubes, ten pulse phasers, and eleven twin-ball-turret standard phaser mounts.

Time Period: from Star Trek II onward

Though often ridiculed as overkill, the aft-mounted pulse phaser cannon have come in handy upon occasion. While answering a garbled distress call from the USS Ie Shima, Coeur De Lion found herself falling into the same ambush that had crippled the smaller frigate. The Orion raider who tried to sneak up behind the battleship got a nasty surprise.

Even a single automatic torpedo pod can throw a respectable weight of ordnance. Coeur De Lion's twin pods can have four torpedos on the way to a target simultaneously, with another volley seconds behind it. With each torpedo tracked to a seperate individual target, or the full weight of shot falling on the same target, the system has been decisive in numerous actions.

The ship is named for King Richard I of England, arguably the greatest warrior king of the 12th century, called "Lionheart" (more typically in the French, "Coeur De Lion").

Tag! You're it!

"Big Dick," as her crew calls her, chases a Bird of Prey thru an asteroid field, and lands a shield-crippling blow with her four forward pulse-phasers.

Official Crew Patch

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