USS Minmus is a light frigate, though some in Starfleet Command suggest "heavy destroyer" might be a better classification. The class' PB-32-S short nacelles provide the vessel with performance roughly equivalent to a single-nacelle destroyer, and rather less than a full-sized frigate. They are, however, more maneuverable than both, and the pulse-phaser emplacements give them a heavier punch than the Saladin class.

Hmmm. What have we here?

A Surya class heavy frigate narrowly avoids a disruptor blast as Minmus returns fire during another border incident near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The acquisition of Klingon D7 battlecruisers gave the Romulan military some momentary aspirations, resulting in a period of renewed agression.

USS Magellan leads a Romulan "Seabird" attack frigate a merry chase as Minmus cuts loose with is "megaphaser" armament at its squadronmates. The incursions beyond the Neutral Zone were eventually stopped by the Praetor, but not before some casualties on both sides.

When first cataloged, the eighth planet of POB9847 was a tiny ball of methane ice. Ten years later, as its eliptical orbit brought it closer to its star, the frozen atmosphere returned to gas. The entire surface was revealed to be... mud. Mud in strangely artistic patterns! Mysteriously, amid the mud and methane haze, was a complex of ancient stone buildings - the only artificial construct in the entire star system.

Minmus, like most Starfleet vessels, is tasked with exploration in peacetime. Here we see her about to launch one of her two shuttlecraft to begin the first exploration of this new mystery.

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