USS Enterprise rolls in to Moebius Deep Space Station. Moebius, a massive construct over a mile tall, is Star Fleet's base of operations in the Moebius Sector of the Beta Quadrant. It offers resupply for ships, R&R facilities for their crew, and a huge internal spacedock capable of major refits and repairs.

Posed starkly beneath the Moebius Nebula, Moebius base is having a busy day, with starships of a major task group gathering before a mission.

The station's huge spherical center module contains a protected spacedock capable of berthing three starships. The belt around the sphere houses shops and offices for the spacedock crew, as well as small craft and shuttlecraft service bays.

The thru-deck cruiser USS Soryu is seen arriving and moving toward one of the base's eight docking ports.

The heavy destroyer USS Minmus departs the station on an errand.

The lower spherical module houses massive matter/antimatter reactor systems to power the station. It, and the four satellite modules are studded with defensive phaser emitters of the same powerful class as planetary defense phasers.

Full house! The task group has all arrived for briefings and a rest before heading out. The huge upper saucer is home to the station's personnel, and contains living quarters and work spaces for thousands. Each of its six sectors includes a large recreational chamber behind a giant window, tinted against the glare of the system's double-star.

Each of the four satellite modules has resupply and service facilities for the visiting starships, and extensive R&R facilities for their crews.

The station is "anchored" in synchronus orbit above a lifeless planetoid for stability. Chosen due it its abundance of natural dilithium crystals, the planetoid offers a handy source of supply.

The model was created using Moebius Models "Lost in Space Derelict," Pegasus Models "Area 51 UFO" and "Alpha Centauri UFOs," And Monogram/Aurora's "Invaders UFO".

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