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UES Perry
Combat Frigate

The Perry shooting at a symbolic Romulan Bird of Prey
SS Reeses
Early Explorer

Top view of a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup! Slogan: "From Diverse Things, One"
USS Ascender
Science Vessel

posterized picture of the ship. The slogan plays off its backward look.
USS Columbus

The Santa Maria sailing the stars, on a symbolic Starfleet pennant.
USS Bucephalus

A horse to reference Bucephalus, pulling a wagon to reference the freighter/colonizer mission, riding the spaceways from Earth to distant planets.

USS hope
Hospital Ship

A caduseus over a red cross, of course. The slogan hopefully says "From the Stars, Help."
USS Soryu
Thru-Deck Cruiser

"Soryu" translates from Japanese as "Blue-Gray Dragon."
USS Minmus
Light Frigate

An intentionally self-important, grandiose logo for a little bitty ship.
USS Triumph

Visual representation of the 3-engine arrangement with a triumphant figure making a T, and a confident slogan.
USS Themistocles

Ancient Greek pottery theme, showing the legendary admiral on the deck of a trireme pointing to the stars, with the name in Greek.
Starbase 51
Space Station

A winged Pegasus over the base number. This one wrote itself.
USS Venture
Survey/Science Vessel

Harkening to the age of sail, when a lonely RN frigate might discover an exotic pacific island. Read the slogan aloud, then say "Ya know?"
USS Belisarius

A Corintian helmet on a marble background to symbolize the great Roman general.
USS Peregrine
Experimental Frigate

A peregrine falcom rides a lightning bolt into battle!
USS Artemis
Long Range Explorer

The Greek goddess Artemis shoots an arrow (with a Starfleet delta head) into the air.
USS Chaffee
Science Vessel

Named for Apollo 1 astronaut Roger Chaffee, killed when the capsule burned. Hence, an Apollo theme, Slogan: "Truth is my Light"
USS Coeur de Lion

A variation of the English Arms imposed on a Starfleet delta, with the crew's affectionate nickname for their ship.
USS Mainzer
Experimental Ring Drive test Bed

A poor joke on the ring-drive warp propulsion system.
USS Terrell
Heavy Frigate

Honoring Capt. Clark Terrell of the USS Reliant, a simple Starfleet symbol.
USS Dominion

An armored fist clutching an olive branch symbolizing peacekeeping thru power. Slogan: "Size Matters."
USS Kirov
Refit Dreadnought

The ship herself warping thru space. The name is repeated in Russian at the bottom.
USS Alacrity

An all-seeing eyeball radiating jamming signals.
USS Sultana
Cargo Pod Carrier

The original Sultana was a Mississippi river boat. Add a cargo barge to represent her mission. slogan: from the song "Old Man River."
USS Edmund Fitzgerald
Supply Freighter

Friendly delivery man "Fitz" drops off some packages.
USS Saipan
Assault Shuttle Carrier

An attacking swarm burns thru atmospheric entry.
USS Grand Alliance
Embassy Ship

A stately image of the Federation Seal
USS Claymore
Combat Cruiser

A Scottish Claymore sword on a shield bearing a griffon, with the slogan in Gaelic and English.
USS Surak
Patrol Cruiser

A metallic Vulcan IDIC symbol, what else?
USS Preble

A recreation of the actual Preble family arms, as used by the actual US Navy destroyer USS Preble, DDG-46
USS Val'Walo

I've decided the name is Vulcan, so: The traditional Vulcan salute, with the Vulcan characters that correspond to "V" and "W".
USS Arminius

Roman Spatha crossed over a Roman shield.
USS Tiburon
Light Cruiser

A shark takes a bite out of the galaxy.
I made a great deal of use of clipart in all these logos, purchased from
Images I created myself include the ship images in the Perry, Reeses, Minmus and Kirov patches; the helmet in the Belisarius patch; the barge in the Sultana patch; the bees in the Saipan patch,and the entire Val'Walo patch.

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These model designs are Copyright John Payne; Star Trek, Starfleet etc. etc. copyright and/or trademark Paramount Pictures, CBS and/or whoever else. These models are works of my imagination, and are posted on this site to share with other fans in a just-for-fun, non-profit fannish spirit in the same way as fan fiction. Please don't hurt me.

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