Intrigued by the planform of the Romulan Bird-of-Prey first encountered in 2266, a team at Starfleet R&D in the 2280s set about applying Romulan design principals to one of our own starships. Using a new-build Miranda Class hull as a basis, and christened USS PEREGRINE in deference to its bird-of-prey design origins, the ship proved highly maneuverable at warp speeds thanks to the wide-span nacelle struts. After exhaustive testing, Peregrine was declared a success and put into regular service. A few other ships of the class were constructed and fielded, but performance over the well-established Mirandas was not so much improved as to warrant a huge class build.

Time Period: from Star Trek II onward

Above: The Peregrine in Mars orbit between deployments. In an emergency, the nacelles could jettison,leaving the wings intact. Theoretically, the wings could have added lift to atmospheric flight during a crash landing. Happily this was never put to the test.

Right: The Peregrine saw some action during the many Klingon incursions of the 2280s. Here a Klingon burst hits one of Peregrine's countermeasures decoy drones while she brings her nose-mounted photon torpedo tubes - another borrowed Romulan design element - to bear.

In one of Peregrine's most harrowing combats, she traded shots with a Klingon K'Tinga dangerously close to a planetoid's atmosphere. She finally scored a fatal hit, and the Klingon ship tore itself apart as it entered the atmosphere. Skirting the upper layers of the atmosphere herself, Peregrine layed on impulse power to gain altitude.

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