The USS Preble is a destroyer, one of the unsung dozens of escort vessels that pull duty on the periphery of Starfleet's task forces. In time of conflict, her duty is to shield the larger vessels from danger before it reaches the center of the force. In time of peace, she sometimes escorts expoloration vessels into unknown areas; sometimes goes along on diplomatic missions to help make an impression.

In this photo, she greets the diplomatic starship USS Grand Alliance as she leaves Mars for Earth, bringing the Federation President home on the last leg of a long and tiring visit to member worlds.

The Coontz Class destroyers are light and nimble fighters, making the most of their relatively light armament. Phasers above and below the hull give nearly 360 spherical coverage, and a single bow-mounted torpedo tube can put paid to most large warships.

Here we see Preble in a maximum-rate turn while engaging a pursuing target drone, in Starfleet's annual readiness excercises.

The destroyer planform has never been particularly graceful, always seeming like a cobbling-together of spare parts. Nevertheless the Coontz-Class ships have a certain grace about them.

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