At the turn of the 23rd century, the workhorse Daedalus class starships had reached their retirement ages. In addition, their designs were fast becoming obsolete as warp dynamics design theories progressed. The S.S. Reeses was an attempt to integrate new ideas with existing characteristics as an interim exploration vessel. The primary hull, a simple sphere on the Daedaluses, is now a saucer-shape designed to enhance warp field flow around the ship. The engineering hull, while still a simple pressure cylinder, incorporates an early example of field-flow undercut at the stern.

Length overall: 744 feet, 10 inches
Width at saucer: 314 feet 10 inches
Maximum speed: Warp 6
Crew: 250

Time Period: Before Star Trek, the original series.

The Reeses and her kind were sucessful explorers and broadened the Federation's knowledge of its galactic neighborhood.

In eternal orbit above a dead, frozen world, this ancient derelict spacecraft has waited millenia for the crew of the Reeses to uncover the secrets of its long-gone builders.

Reeses observes the "annual" plasma storms that sweep the surface of Strakovski VI as the ringed planet makes its closest approach in its 276-year orbit of its star.

Official Crew Patch

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