Supplementing the shuttlecraft compliment of larger starships on exploration missions is this Heavy Survey shuttle. Capable of carrying 7 or more personnel seated in the cabin, the craft also includes a large aft compartment that can be configured as a research laboratory, specific to the mission of the moment.

The humpback fairing houses an extensive suite of scientific sensors which read through the hump's flat, conformal faceplate. Sensors there and on the underside feed to a console in the cabin manned by a mission specialist. The craft's panoramic bow window allows the entire crew to add the good ol' Mark I eyeball to the sensor suite.

Time period: late/post-Star Trek (Classic)

The shuttle's massive impulse engine lifts it easily out of the atmosphere of any Class-M planet, and its warp engine allows interstellar missions at a maximum cruise of warp 4. Facilities aboard allow a crew of seven to comfortabley undertake a mission of up to a week's duration.

In 2269 the USS Soryu was tasked with a planet-wide survey of the newly-discovered "Miri's Planet," to search for the population of nearly-immortal children who were living in feral packs in the cities. Here shuttle 12, "Voyager," and shuttle 11, "Searcher," cruise over the remains of an urban area that burned and flooded sometime in the 300 years since the society's collapse.

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