The USS Soryu is a Through-Deck Cruiser designed to transport large amounts of small craft in its massive hangar deck, which, as the name implies, carries through the full length of the vessel's secondary hull.

Supplementing the smaller Coronado class through-deck cruisers which preceded its design, Soryu's hangar can routinely hold four times the smaller ship's compliment of shuttlecraft. While Coronado has been known to ship 25 small craft in a pinch, Soryu's standard embarkation is 48, with a (rather uncomfortable) maximum of 100.

Time Period: Star Trek: The original series

Through-deck cruisers will often travel with a task force or escort, as their large size makes them less maneuverable than most starships. Here Soryu is accompanied by the frigate USS Coventry while it transits an area within reach of the Kzinti border.

Soryu is one of only six of her class, all named for Japanese aircraft carriers of Earth's second world war. "Soryu" translates roughly as "Blue-Gray Dragon."

By their nature, Soryu and her sisters are ideal for planetary exploration. Their 48 shuttles, organized into eight squadrons, can explore huge areas of a planet's surface faster and more thoroughly than any other starship.

In this image Soryu meets the class VII scout ship USS Crockett, which has determined the planet it's investigating requires a more thorough examination.

Ponderous though she may be to maneuver, Soryu's phaser batteries, upgraded to match the Archernar class heavy cruisers, help her account for herself admirably in battle.

Romulan prickliness in the wake of the so-called "Enterprise Incident" led to numerous confrontations along the Neutral Zone, one of which saw Soryu called upon to defend a Federation outpost from a pair of intruding Romulan Battelcruisers. With the lead ship disabled, the second cloaked and fled for home.

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