The USS Sultana is a heavy cargo carrier based upon the ubiquitous Excelsior primary hull, with a minimal engineering hull extension to mount standard LN-64 warp nacelles. She is designed to mount a pair of standard Starfleet cargo pods, one under each side of the hull.

Time Period: Post Star Trek VI

Speed and power are hardly a factor in cargo ships. While some thought was initially given to using standard Excelsior nacelles, it was soon seen to be overkill, especially when many surplus LN-64s were becoming available due to the retirements of older ships.

Cargo ships occasionally require escort in less secure areas of the Federation. Above, the Sultana is accompanied by a Conquerer class battleship as it passes near the Kzinti border. At right, The USS Roosevelt escorts her as she brings supplies to a planetoid undergoing terraforming near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The lights of the planet's spreading settlement can be seen on the night side.

Shed of her bulky pods, Sultana presents a lithe and nimble starship. Though lightly armed with only a few phasers, she is capable of defending herself if unencumbered. While it's possible to jettison the pods in an emergency, the ship carries no capability of reattaching them without yard facilities.

In this image, Sultana is on her way after delivering her pods to the cargo handling station at Starbase 41.

Official Crew Patch

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