The USS Val'Walo is a small patrol/exploration cruiser, roughly the size of the old Constitution class starships.

Here, she hovers over a domed starbase on a remote, airless planetoid, while the base's runabout heads for her hangar deck.

Time Period: Late/Post Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

A swift and maneurable combat vessel as well, Val'Walo is imaged here exchanging torpedo vollies with a Jem'Hadar intruder during the Dominion War. The graceful ring system of a gas giant in a Cardassian system provides a contrast to the violence it hosts.

Val'Walo's small size, high warp capability and powerful armement made her and her sisters ideal ships to station at forward star bases. Here we see Val'Walo in the company of USS VERCINGETORIX as they burn through subspace at warp nine to answer another base's distress call.

Finding themselves in another ringed planet's neighborhood, Val'Walo's crew disables a Cardassian scout ship caught spying in Federation-controlled space. Though the ship's main impulse engines, low on the secondary hull, are normally quite sufficient, it's not unheard of to light up the saucer's impulse engines - normally used only during saucer separation - for added thrust.

In quieter post-war times, Val'Walo is seen showing the flag at the christening of a Federation member world's new space elevator terminal.

Visible under Val'Walo's primary hull are her large hi-resolution sensor arrays bracketing her "neck," and the captain's gig, a large auxiliary craft embedded in a receptacle in the forward underside.

Official Crew Patch

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