VENTURE was a pure exploration starship, designed for more extensive voyages than the much smaller Oberth class ships such as the late USS Grissom. The unique modular layout placed crew quarters in the saucer, workspace in the secondary hull, and engineering spaces in the beavertail hull.

Time Period: after Star Trek I

Above, Venture is seen conducting a resource survey of the small moon of a class-M planet near the Orion Nebula. At right, she's pictured running scans of the energy barrier at the galactic rim, from a safe distance.

Late in her career, Venture's crew was priveleged to take part in Starfleet's survey of the Dyson sphere discovered by the Enterprise-D in 2369.

Here, she somes upon a continent-sized scar, gouged into the sphere's outer surface uncounted centuries ago by an asteroid.

Design inspired by the USS Menahga, as designed by Michael Morrissette of Mastercom Data Center

Official Crew Patch

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