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Unit badge is
Kampfgeschwader 1
Notice that the darkest camo color forms a Swatsika?
A couple of flak hits failed to penetrate the armored belly.

The interior - but wait, who's that? Could it be...
Indiana Jones?!
Indy gives us a tour as he sneaks around.
The main control panel.
Nazi cheesecake! And some extra tanks.
Heil, baby.
1/72 Indy, shot with an endoscope camera. He's a modified Preiser figure.
Private Schultz stands guard. He's a normal Preiser figure.
I added a tank hatch to the kit's strangely hatchless boarding ramp (as well as to the cabin's central column inside).
Cabin ceiling detail.
GEHEIM! Classified 1947 photo of the saucer on a secret airfield.
Horrido!! A Haunebu rakes an American bomber formation with its deadly electric Kraftsträlkannonen.