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Military Vehicles

SA-2 "Guideline" SAM
Trumpeter's 1/35 scale kit of the Viet-Nam era surface to air missile that bugged the hell out of B-52s.
Hey, ya know, it's fun dirtying up these things! I think I see why armor guys like to build them.
S-300PMU Air Defence System
NATO Designation SA-10 "Grumble"

A decent little 1/72 scale kit by a Belorussian company called PST Models.
ZSU-23-4M Shilka Anti-Aircraft vehicle
The 1/35 DML vehicle combined with a Kirin figure and DML rifle.
Set during the Iraq/Iran war, an Iraqi ZSU commander holds up a trophy piece of an Iranian F-14 in a vignette I call "Got One!"

Sci Fi Weaponry

Mandalorean Disintegrator Rifle
From the TV series "The Mandalorean."
1:1 3D print by Frank T 3D Productions. Painted with Tamiya rattlecans.


Citroen Traction CV11
Tamiya's 1/48 kit of a French civilian car pressed into service as a German staff car in WWII.


Tyrannosaurus Rex (rampant)
1/30 scale vinyl kit by Horizon


American Goldfinch
The old 1960s life-sized Bachman kit, which came with pots of paint. A wonderful nostalgia build!

The August Tibbet Collection!

The Office of August Tibbet, Private Dick
A room box vignette co-built by myself and my wife Mary. Details (and reason) within.
The Car of August Tibbet, Private Dick
Well, every dick needs a car, right?

Arcitectural Model

Arcitectural Study Model
A 1/48 scale wood-and-paper study model I made for a remodeling project for the place I worked in the late 70s.

Um. Mailbox!

So I made a mailbox look like a Gee Bee.
I'm calling it "box scale." Scrap 3/4" pine shelving on a regulation large mailbox.

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