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2001: A Space Odyssey

"Orion" Orbital Space Clipper
An original Aurora kit from the 1975 release

Orion 2 Cargo Shuttle
A 1/144 scale resin kit from Stargazer Models of the cargo version of the ship, designed for the film but not used on screen. The kit features a nuclear weapons satellite and a space pod.(br> Added cargo bay detail, Canadarm, arms for the pod, and home made Alps decals.

Orion III Delivery Shuttle
Moebius Models' "improved" repop of aurora's classic kit, done up in UPS markings just for fun.

Orion III Shuttle
Moebius Models' giant 29" long 1/72 kit. Home made decals. Interior omitted because you can't freakin' see it anyway.

Aries 1B Moon Shuttle
Moebius Models' 1/48 scale plastic kit
I added taplights inside for lighting.

Moon Bus
A 1/32 scale resin masterpiece by Monsters in Motion

Discovery Space Pod
Captain Cardboard's beautiful 1/12 scale resin kit
Lighted up using the Ertl fiber optic kit.

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