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Space Warning & Control Ship USS Alacrity scans a sector, escorted by USS Raan

Alacrity scans a possible enemy base planet for comm emissions, with USS Terrell standing ready

One of USS Grand Alliance's "limo" shuttles departs to pick up an alien dignitary

Executive Shuttlecraft Data Sheet

The corvette USS Arminius fights on as her sisters die at the battle of Chin'Taka.

Arminius and USS Pompey take out a Cardie cruiser with style

Arminius and a Klingon BoP team up against a Jem'Hadar as an Excelsior explodes nearby

A Klingon commander learns that the explorer USS Artemis isn't the soft target he thought

Artemis rendezvous with USS Peregrine at saturn

Artemis and USS Calisto pose above the Ionian Sea with Greece in the background

Artemis' paired deflectors are visible as she passes Jupiter on her way outbound

Atremis' 4 forward torpedo tubes can throw a sigificant barrage if needed

The dreadnought USS Belisarius fires her aft torpedo tubes

Belisarius pursues a fleeing K'Tinga

In a frenzied battle, Belisarius takes out a BoP, then brings her 4 pulse-phasers to bear on a 2nd attacker

Having beheaded a renegade Klingon, Belisarius comes alongside to take on survivors

USS Belisarius 3-view

The battleship USS Coeur de Lion blasts an attacker with her aft pulse-phasers

Coeur de Lion's paired torpedo pods hurl a salvo at an opponent

Coeur de Lion nails a BoP's shields as it tries to flee around an asteroid

USS Coeur de Lion 3-view

USS Columbus explores the stars in the early 2200s

Columbus poses for her official fleet portrait

Columbus nails an Orion pirate dodging thru a ring system

A Klingon plays chicken with the dreadnoght USS Dominion

Dominion and USS Raan dodge a Romulan plasma bolt

The first dreadnought to bear the name Dominion in action in the 2270s

The freighter USS Edmund Fitzgerald outbound from Jupiter with supllies for a colony

The "Fitz" in synchronus orbit over a distant colony

The Fitz resupplies Dominion in deep space

The diplomatic transport USS Grand Alliance takes high-level diplomats to distant conferences

Grand Alliance's best defense is her sustainable max speed of warp 9.9

Ambushed, Grand Alliance's shields flare as she tumbles thru an antimatter mine blast and #3 nacelle blows

Escaping her attackers, Grand Alliance hides in an asteroid field for repairs while venting plasma

USS Grand Alliance data sheet

Ambulance shuttles swarm in the hospital ship USS Hope's traffic pattern

USS Hope on a mercy mission, escorted by the dreadnought USS Dominion

The dreadnought USS Kirov makes a somewhat anxious first contact with the agressive Skreel race

Kirov nails a Klingon's engines, forcing him out of warp

The experimental "Federation Bird of Prey" USS Peregrine trades volleys with a Klingon during a border incident

A K'Tinga breaks up in a planet's atmosphere in a low-level battle with Peregrine

USS Peregrine poses for the camera over Mars

USS Peregrine data sheet

The SS Reeses was a EUSPA explorer in the early 2200s

Reeses investigates a derelict alien craft orbiting a dead world

SS Reeses data sheet

The assault carrier USS Saipan launches four squadrons of assault shuttles

Saipan and USS Tarawa aim their shuttle bays at an enemy-occupied ground target and unload

USS Saipan poses over the Pacific island that is her namesake

The thru-deck cruise USS Soryu tangles with a pair of Romulans that tried to sneak across the neutral zone

Soryu poses pretty for her official portrait

Soryu brings dozens of survey shuttlecraft to explore a planet discovered by the scout USS Crockett

The destroyer USS Masao joins a gaggle of shipd gathering at a starbase

The container tug USS Sultana brings supplies to a coloy, escorted by USS Kirov

Sultana resupplies a forward starbase under escort of the USS Coeur de Lion

Sultana becomes a sleek and speedy cargo ship once she drops off her containers.

The patrol cruiser USS Surak defends a Fedration colony near the Kzinti frontier

Task Force 14 arrives to guard a disputed planet near the Klingon Neutral Zone

The heavy frigate USS Terrell's shields flare as she examines a neutron star that's shedding atmosphere

The post Dominion War Federation / Klingon alliance produced the experimental USS Tiburon

Tiburn is detailed to escort USS Grand Alliance on a diplomatic mission

The USS Val'Walo orbits over a domed city while a runabout comes aboard

Val'Walo trades torpedo volleys with a Jem'Hadar cruiser in a planet's ice ring

Val'Walo nails a Cardassian fighter's engines with a well-aimed phaser shot

The survey ship USS Venture, late in her career, examines meteor damage on the surface of the Dyson Sphere

USS Venture data sheet

The United Earth Frigate UES Perry in combat during the Romulan War

UES Perry and a sister ship at warp

Perry scores a hit on a Romulan attack frigate

The light frigate USS Minmus engages a Romulan Seabird during a border incident

USS Minmus returns fire as a Romlan disruptor bolt misses a Surya class frigate

Busy traffic around Starbase 51

Klingon Mer'Q-9 cruisers on patrol in the early days of their space navy

Klingon Mer'Q-9 cruisers maneuver

A Klingon Mer'Q-9 fires an energy torpedo

The Combat Cruiser USS Claymore and a sister ship on maneuvers

USS Claymore returns fire on a pursuing Romulan

Captain Styles wonders what the hell this thing is, why it shot at them, and who they just pissed off

Claymore fires on a cloaked attacker while another ship fires a missile at her

The dreadnought USS Themistocles investigates... whatever that thing is

Themistocles chases a Romulan at high warp

Themistocles leads a task force into battle

The science vessel USS Chaffee observes aa a flaring star turns its innermost planet molten

A study in white - USS Chaffee studies an ice moon in an ice ring around an ice planet

Rendezvousing with a Skreel vessel to study a planet near their home system

Taking over the survey of a debris field from the USS Raan

The massive colony transport USS Bucephalus

Bucephalus arrives at an asteroid base

Bucephalus waits for docking orders at Starbase 51

A task force escorts USS Bucephalus to a terraforming project

Star Trek, Starfleet etc. etc. copyright and trademark Paramount Pictures, CBS and whoever else. These models are works of my imagination, and are posted on this site to share with other fans in a just-for-fun, non-profit fannish spirit in the same way as fan fiction might be. Please don't hurt me.

These images were created with various background elements dowloaded from various astronomical internet sites. Many are NASA images, many are from various astronomers and observatories around the world. I hope nobody minds. Again, this is all for fun, and no profit is involved.

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