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Jan, 2002

What the hell
is this stuff?!

Not too happy
about the boots, tho

Shades of white

Nikki turned one year old in February, and Diane, Nikki's breeder, decided to have a birthday gathering with the family at her grooming parlor. Present were Nikki, her sister Feather, her brother Kodiak, her mother Cookie, and her grandmother (BA's mother) Kiawani. Five samoyeds, all blowing their coats at the same time, plus five adults and two kids in a tiny office. It was...exciting!

Feb, 2002

Feather, Nikki,
Cookie, Kiawani

Nikki, Kody

Feather, Kody, Nikki

Kody thinks girls
have kooties!

Feather and Nikki

Left: Nikki and Feather love to play together. They got so tired out they had to lay down, but they still kept wrasslin'.

Mary's been taking Nikki to obedience classes for many months. In April she got started on agility training. You're not going to see her running obstacle courses on Animal Planet, though - it's just for fun (for Nikki and Mary).

Mar, Apr, May, 2002

Practicing "stay!" Dogs come in all sizes!

Charging over the A-frame, waving her tail like a flag

Ladder walk. Note extreme clutching of the toes!

Parallel walk. More toe clutching.

THIS she had fun doing.

Hopping over the barrels perfectly (of course)

Not sure what the cart excercise was for, but she looked cute in it.
Not neglecting her acedemics for sports, she seems to be learning to spell with her toys...

Nikki says "YO!"

I think this is her comment on the Isreali situation.

And she STILL doesn't like being picked up!!

I'm sure everyone's as excited as I am about the monthly updates. Which means you're sick of them too.

The Rest of the Year:

July: Mary knitted a scarf out of Nikki's fur. Yes, we're all crazy in this house.

August: She catches ice cubes if you spit them at her. Note her laser-like lock-on

Sept: Helping Mommy with the groceries.

Sept: Mom and Dad visited with Nikki's Uncle Smokey for a study in contrast.

Oct: The girls in their usual positions

Nov: Still the queen of comfortable sleeping

The shot we DIDN'T use for the Christmas card

And the final, dignified pose.

Don'tch wish ya could meet people this easily?

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