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Ya know, the kids grow up, and they stop doing really interesting things. Ya stop taking as many pictures.

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The girls getting confortable on the couch.

Ah, the noble dog! Must be food off-camera.

SQUISH! That's her tail under her chin.

STILL the queen of comfortable sleeping.

Nikki's brother Spridle came to visit in June. He's the big one on the left.

Aw, they like each other.
July thunderstorms.
This is her scared face, ears back, seeking shelter in her favorite chair.
Merry Christmas!

Freshly groomed and wearing a spiffy holiday bandana (for a few minutes).

In her element! But Mary isn't.
Nikki's Christmas Party
at her training school.

Her friend Sasha greets her at the gate.

She likes her men like her coffee - black.

Posing with her freind Barney the border collie.

The most popular person at the party was whoever was near the food.

Finn likes nikki. A lot.

Well, ya know how these office Christmas paries are...

Got food?

Somebody say "food?"

After a day of revelry, she conks out in Mary's hobby room.

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