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Spiffy from her Valentine's Day grooming

A feather topknot

Every time she gets out of her chair she does this languid ballet stretch.

...Then she stops looking so graceful.


Digging for sticks under the snow results in...

...Snow Nose!

Obligatory front porch shot for 2005

Staring at the neighbors' house, where the milk bones live.
Nikki's brother Hawk sired 4 puppies. Diane had a BBQ July 4th weekend to meet them.

Hawk, the proud papa.

First thing they did...

...was spill their water dish...

...and roll in the mud.

...and roll in the mud.

...and roll in the mud.

...and roll in the mud.

And then they all fell asleep...

...in the mud.

This is "Spirit" who is destined to be a show dog.

She seems unimpressed by the idea.

CSI agents could enlarge this and identify me in the reflection.

B.A., Hawk's and Nikki's daddy...

...and the puppies' grandpa.

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