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Playing catch in the basement with my funky flash

Demon dog levitating a ball

Miss Snooty-Boots surveys her domain from the back deck

Ice Cream!!

You're not coming to bed right away, are you? I'll just keep it warm.

Scared by thunder, hiding in her safe place under the sewing machine

I guess she's more relaxed now, huh?


How can this be comfortable!?

MY toys! They're MY toys!

Our niece and nephew came to visit this summer...

Oh boy, the kids are paying attention to me!

OH boy, the kids are STILL paying attention to me!

Okay, enough attention, allready!!

Visiting Diane's new grooming parlor...


Niki's Niece, Spirit, was there. She's a bit over a year old here.

They seem to get along ... um ... okay
Trying out Mary's new Mini Cooper...

Nikki calls shotgun!

Yep, it's sammy-sized!

The girls, toolin' along the boulevard

You comfy back there Daddy?
An early morning walk down to the Ramapo River

VERY early!

Failing to get Nikki to pose against the mountains

Arriving at the gazebo in the little park

Pretty little park between the river and a pond

Taking a rest before heading home

The girls having a good howl together

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