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New camera, new wide-angle lens, new embarassing snoot shot

Don't you wish you could greet your friends like this?

Thank you for washing my feet, serving wench

I was momentarily confused until one of the dogs moved

Just ... a little ... closer ...

Target locked. Awaiting crumbs.

That's a lotta nose to look down at someone over


More catch in the basement

Unfortunate juxtaposition of ball, nose and flash = Clown Dog!

Far too pleased with herself

Honey, why is there a pile of rags - oh. Never mind.

Easter-time snow and she finally gets to frolic in her element

Go get it! Wait, THAT way!

School and Samoyed crossing

Walking into the wind, streamlined and lovin' it.

food's-eye view

I love my mommy - now gimme food

Obligatory front porch shot, 2007

Do Not Disturb


The baby harp seal look

On watch for neighbors with milk bones

So happeeee!

All of a sudden she likes my recliner!

Can we leave it on Animal Planet?


Telling Nellie next door that she'll break her out as soon as the heat is off

NEW! Updated June 2008:

Nikki had a hot spot and scratched it raw. First Mary did the two-t-shirt thing, but then she made a little protective suit for her!

Not liking the two t-shirts

Home made suit with scratch-proof demin chevron!

Thank you, Mommy!

There ya go!

Happy comfy puppy.

The girls talking on the front porch.

What the hell?!

Ear! Scratches! GOOOOD!

Disturbed by the Halloween decorations on her favorite hydrant.

Evil Koala slippers. Some day...

Hey, she's heart-shaped!

Our new door knocker.

I'll go quietly, there's no need forthe cuffs!

Posing for the family Christmas card
For Christmas I got Mary an R/C Mini, painted it to match her real car, and got a Sammy ornament to put in the driver's seat!

Mini Mini and Mini Nikki.

Something familiar about this...

Mary playing with her new toy.

Okay, I don't like it!

Mini Mini on top of real Mini.

"Woffypants" license plate on the mini Mini.

Real Mini with mini Mini on the roof.

Mini Mini, mini Nikki, real Mini and real Nikki.

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