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Nikki's boyfriend Brady visits.

Relaxing on the front porch.

HEIL! 8 years and she still sleeps like that.

Brady embarasses Nikki by peeing in front of the fuzz.

Watching the neighborhood out the front window
The crisis for the year was an anal gland abcess. Which burst at 2AM on a Sunday in August. She got a space collar to keep her from licking the wound, and wrapped tail to keep it from hitting it.

Still doped up, and NOT happy about the collar.

by the next day she was used to it enough to sleep.

... and eventually adapt it to her carzy sleeping positions.

But she still didn't like it!

She was embarassed to be seen in public.

Brady was fascinated by her decorative tail wrappings.

It made a great goal! Two points!!

Eventually it came off, and she resumed her comfy sleeping with table legs impaling her skull.

Here's the embarassing mid-bark freeze- frame for the year.

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