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A dignified pose to start the year.

Feb's incredibly heavy snowfall.

So much snow, even nikki wants to come in!

...and once she's in, she stares out longingly.


Another dignified pose, in her spot on the couch, in her full winter coat.

"put milk bones in my treat toy? please?"


Comfy, and not at all dignified.

"Yes, I got stuck under Daddy's recliner, trapped us both, and yes, I'm embarassed."

Enjoying a nice walk.

Once again embarassing her boyfriend Brady.

"Look, I have a teensy boyfreind!"

Nikki and Brady on a nice autumn walk.

My girls relaxing

Trying to get a dignified pose for the Christmas card.

"Enough pictures! Give me food!"

Asleep in her favorite chair.

The morning of the Christmas blizzard - Leaping thru 18" of snow!

Out for a walk in the wildly drifting snow.

"Oh boy! I was built for this!"

So deep I had to shovel a habitrail in the back yard.

The final dignified Christmas card pose.

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