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"If I only had opposable thumbs! Curse the mystery of the doorknob!"

"Who'd throw out a pefectly good tree?"

Saying hello to Nelly next door.


Completely ignoring the habitrail I dug for her.

Heil sleep!!.

Yet another anal gland infection.

We had the gland removed on Memorial Day. Looks like good drugs!!

"Can we take the damn wrap off my tail yet?!"

Welcoming Mommy home from work.

The girls out for a walk up the block.

What's that lump of rags in the cor... oh.

Mary left us to fend for ourselves for a weekend to visit her family.

I think Nikki's getting hungry...

Am I boring my dog? Click for the answer!

Enjoying watching the neighborhood.

Enjoying watching the squirrels in the back yard.

Her happy face, chillin' on the porch with Mary.

Saggy jowl syndrome!

Mugging the neighbors for treats.

Surveying her domain.

Comfortably surveying her domain.

"What? I got here first."

Checking in with Nelly again.

Heil Monty Python!

"Maybe if I ignore him he'll go away."

Where's Nik... Oh, found her!

Happy on the back deck.

Christmas day, chilling in her favorite kitchen spot.

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