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Starting off the year in the cone of shame again. This time it was a cyst she kept licking.

Tried an inflatable anti-lick collar. She's smiling 'cause she figured out how to get out of it.

Cute portrait shot of the year #1.

Heil, saggy jowls!!.

Under Mary's sewing machine, spending time with her mommy.

Wondering if people will think less of her for being seen with this crazy person..

I bought a cheap fisheye lens this year.

Nikki's tiny boyfriend Brady, the papillon up the street.

Checking the neighborhood stone walls to see if anybody interesting peed on them.

If she barks at it loud enough, she's sure it'll throw itself.

Almost 12 years old and still looks like a princess!

Well, not all the time.

Cute portrait #3.

We got a new mattress, but we had to fight for it.

Trying to decide if she likes the new kitchen floor tiles.

The classic snow-dog sleeping pose, protecting her nose from the cold - on my recliner.

The girls relaxing in the living room together.

So a guys asks me, does everyone in the US and his dog have a gun?

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