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Snow dog.

On her 12th birthday in February.


"Well? We goin' out or what?"

Stalking dog!

Checking out the new front porch and railing.

A last snooze on the old couch before we redecorated.

Redocorated, and she hates the new couch.

All these years and we forgot to remove her factory label!

Nose. She still likes my recliner.

Trying some joint pain medication which apparently causes loss of tongue control.

GOOD drugs!!

Under the air conditioner in Mary's colorful work room.

Got a sore on her foreleg. The vet tech made her a nice long sleeve belly shirt to cover it.


The shirt didn't last, so, yup, back in the cone.

Nose. In my chair.

I wanna come out and PLAY!


Adapting to limited space.

Happy as hell on the back deck chaise.

Summer flowers around the porch.

We may have to help her out of there!

Hangin' on the front porch with the fam.

Mary's sister Annie came to visit in Sept.

Yeah, it's comfortable. Why?

She decided to start cramming herself under the bed at night.

Morning sun in her favorite kitchen spot.

She's been having trouble getting up on slippery floors, so we got her a rubber matt. Note also her butt is up against the coldest surface in the house. Snow dog!

Happy Holidays!

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