The Conny

USS Constellation, CVG 64

As a rabid sci fi fan I was designing my own spaceships as far back as high school. This design, a spaceborne carrier, began in the 1970s, and the design survives pretty much intact in my rendering in Caligari Truespace. The tubes around the hull are launch catapult tubes for the ships' fighters, while larger craft exit through the yellow rolling doors at the midships hangar bay.

From astern we see the aft launch tubes surrounding the fusion reactor core, and the ship's massive hyperlight engines (I've yet to come up with a definitive drive technobabble). At this stage of design, the sensor/weapons masts (the barbs around the tubes in the first image) were not applied).

This is an earlier rendering I did before I created the final image maps. The escort vessels are the first pass I made at the "space PT boats" suggested by my friend Frank for one of our proposed video projects. Yes, the background is stolen - er, borrowed - from a Babylon Five episode.

Here she is rolling into a space station I designed. The station became so complex that my PC would lock up when I tried to move the 3D object. Forget about animating it!

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