A random collection of digital work done for fun and/or profit.
In some cases, company logos have been masked or removed by request.

Spurious GPS Unit

A conglomeration of GPS unit features done in CorelDraw to illustrate a point for a specific job
Time Clock Instructions

Instructions on the new clock for the employees. Isometric done in CorelDraw. Hand is commercial clipart.
Movie Poster

Promotional for unreleased independent film. Corel PhotoPaint and CorelDraw.
Movie Poster

Promotional for character in film "Gabriel." Corel PhotoPaint and CorelDraw.
ID Badge

ID created for Star Trek convention. Corel, using personal photo mated to screen capture
Newsletter Art

Headline art for company newsletter
Faux Ad

prop for an Independant sci fi film. TrueSpace 3D and Corel
Parts Breakdown

Isometric Illustration for proposed model kit assembly
Assembly Drawing

Isometric Illustration of a test bench without test items. Corel Draw, measured from blueprints.
Shelving Plan

Isometric remodeling plan for the basement library. CorelDraw.
Trade Show Booth

Proposed design rendered in Caligari TrueSpace 4, using purchased aircraft models.
Poster spoof

Gag morale poster based on agency design.

Flyer for employee event. House drawn in Corel with clipart character
Presentation Art

Bryce 3D renderings composited in CorelDraw
Recruiting Ad

Shutterstock images composited in Corel
Recruiting Ad

Shutterstock images composited in Corel
Pyramid Chart

Getting literal. Bryce 3D rendering composited in CorelDraw.
Program Logo

Hand drawn eye and CorelDraw. Used on mugs, shirts and project publications. Program name and slogan removed by request.

Employee event announcement. Shutterstock background with official posters composited in Corel.

Missile intercept diagram. Bryce 3D enhanced with CorelDraw.
Notepad Art

Illustration for a company newssheet. CorelDraw.

Shutterstock images, PhotoImpact and Corel.
Magazine Logo

Logotype for published movie magazine
T-shirt Logo

Corel art for independent film promotion
Mug Design

mug for the Scarlet Street editor
A Zyra Christmas

"When Worlds Collide" Snow globe. Caligari TrueSpace 4, finished in Corel.
Newsletter Cover

Cover for company 9/11 tribute issue
Photo Retouching

Photomanip to enlarge crowd for cover at left. Corel PhotoPaint

Crew patch. CorelDraw.
Program Logo

Adapting existing character. Hand art and CorelDraw. Program name removed by request.

Toastmasters anniversary meeting. Dreamstime & Shutterstock photos, composited in Corel.
Rubic's Cube

illustration for presentation. CorelDraw.

Employee event. Photo filtered in Corel photoPaint, track logo, finished in CorelDraw.
T-Shirt Art

For use at Trek conventions. CorelDraw.
T-Shirt Art

For personal use at magazine staff meetings. CorelDraw.

Shutterstock photos doctored in Corel Photopaint. Final brochure in Quark XPress.
Newsletter Cover

DoD Photos. Corel Photopaint & Draw. Final in Quark XPress.
Newsletter Cover

Employees at work and their final product. Corel Photopaint & Draw. Final in Quark XPress.
Newsletter Cover

Showing agency posters for new morale campaign. Corel Photopaint & Draw. Final in Quark XPress.
Report Cover Art

For some reason this was too bold for them. Bryce 3D with purchased F-18 models.

Text removed by request. Bryce 3D, CorelDraw. All meshes purchased.

DoD Photo, CorelDraw.

Filtered photos of previous event in comic book style. Corel. Company name removed by request.
Newsletter Cover

DoD photos highlighting company platforms.

Ad material for show layed out in Corel.
Newsletter Art


Squadron patch design for independent sci fi film
Trade Show Invitation

CorelDraw art utilizing official event logo and showing company platforms

Employee Advisory Poster. Shutterstock photos color-altered to include more greens. Corel.

Employee Flyer. Corel, using personal family photos.

30x40 poster showing the year's company newsletters in review. I also did the covers and layouts. Corel.
Book Cover

Cover for an online fanfic. 3D ship and diagram done on Amiga 2000. Blast effect in Corel PhotoPaint. Titles in CorelDraw.
Product Illustration

Spoof Illustrations of new "OFF!" products for online contest. You had to be there. CorelDraw

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