A random collection of manual work done for fun and/or profit.
In some cases, company logos have been masked or removed by request.

Self Portrait 1

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
School excercise. Pencil and magic marker.
Self Portrait 2

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Goof. Pencil and magic marker
Self Portrait 3

What you'd see looking in my window. Airbrush with friskets and ink
Movie Poster

Poster for an Independant stop-motion fantasy film. Gouache on art board. 27"x41" (0ne-sheet)

Kidding the customer in a presentation.
Store Sign

comp in ink and colored pencil on art board

Charicatures of fellow employees. Magic marker and colored pencil
Airplane Cartoon

A Spitfire "Checkin' the Wind", pen and ink on Bristol board.
Airplane Cartoon

The Heinkel 162 was noted for falling apart during its demo flight. Pen and colored pencils.
Company Logo

Proposed logo design for private engineering firm.
Airplane Cartoon

Art for presentation ribbing the rivalry of AC-130 & B-52 EW programs

Pencil sketch proposing makeup and costuming for an independant film.
Pencil Sketch

Original concept. Pencil on paper
Ink Sketch

The rest of the gargoyle/dog/bat/thing. Musculature study
Airplane Cartoon

P-51 Mustang in ink and colored pencils on bristol board.

Pencil sketch spoofing the survivalist magazine fad

Hand art colored in Corel, for on-line contest

Pencil sketch of Nichelle Nichols, from photo.
Program Logo

Adapting existing character. Hand art and CorelDraw. Program name removed by request.
Airplane Cartoon

The A-10 and it's great big gun! Inka and colored pencils on bristol board.
All Our Eggs

illustration for presentation. Hand drawn, finished in CorelDraw, later animated in Powerpoint.
Book Cover

Gouache on art board, composited in CorelDraw.
Airplane Cartoon

Actung! Stuka!! Pen and colored pencil on bristol board.

Marketing to the Rescue! Pen on paper, colored in Corel. I don't write 'em, I only draw 'em.

The concept formulation team at work. Pen and paper, colored in Corel.

New art using an established character. Pen and ink.
Assembly Drawing

For parts manual. Pen and ink, equipment traced from photo. Labels removed by request.
Exploded Drawing

Isometric for parts manual. Pen and ink, lofted from blueprints.
Aircraft Portrait

Perspective for oven parts manual. Pen and ink, lofted from blueprints.
Aircraft Portrait

Pencil on paper, by eye from a photo.
Architectural Perspective

Proposed prom decorations. Pen on art board

Spoofing the boss. Charicatures of various managers. Pen on board with zipatone.
Cider Label

For my family's home brew. Pen on parchment with Letraset patterns.
Play Poster

An early work for a local theater group. Pen and ink.
Marker Sketch

My pet gargoyle again, sketched using Pantone makers.

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