Well, I do try to be creative in any way I can. I have a lot of half-ideas that stall out. I never seem to finish a story, but once in a while I do. These are just for fun, to share with other fans, and of course, with no intent of copyright infringement or desire for profit (listen up, Paramount, I come in peace for all fankind!)

These story ideas were inspired during brainstorm sessions with my pal Frank, another lifelong Trekkie. We bounce ideas off each other, and something good often happens.


This is a fusion of a couple of plots that we worked up for a Trek film that we were going to shoot on video when we were much younger, featuring ourselves and either bad model work or bad CG work, depending on the period. It does NOT involve any existing Trek characters, rather a ship and crew we made up for ourselves. It's an adventure, an attempt at a coming of age kinda thing for the main character, and when I was done I was surprised to find that it worked out to have a message about leaving things lying around that you shouldn't!


A sidebar to the Dominion War, giving Picard and crew something to do while the Enterprise E is under repair after First Contact. Also a few comments of my own on the Trek universe, an attempt to use some real physics instead of Treknobabble, an homage to the past, and a revival of two of my favorite ensigns.

Since I'm such a tech-head, I drew up a diagram of the ship I created for WOLF. You may want avoid looking at it until you've at least read the description in the story, since it would be a bit of a spoiler.

U.S.S.WOLF Profile and Cutaway Views

And to see the size of the Wolf profiled against other starfleet ships (mostly my kitbash model designs), go HERE and scroll aaaall the way to the bottom.

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